Latest Update!

It’s time for another round of the latest 3 things I’ve been doing!

  1. After a reminder from T3nshi’s latest update on his project, I finally set up source control for GMS2, so I can start doing regular commits. (I’ve already gotten into one bad state already going through the Heartbeast lectures – and while he kindly provides a version of the source for each lecture, it meant losing my notes I’d been taking in the comments along the way).
  2. Started tackling FriendlyCosmonaut’s cutscene tutorials in hopes to begin sharing silly gifs in upcoming weeks (like this guy does, heh).
  3. I started the #100dayproject, doing #100daysofgamedesign – with daily updates on Instagram (piratecatlabs) and semi-regular updates on Twitter (also piratecatlabs, perhaps unsurprisingly). Some more granular notes on progress:
    1. I’ve committed to finishing up a rough tileset for the prototype by next weekend, which I think I’m on track for. (I want to begin reskinning what I’ve built in the Heartbeast tutorials so it feels more like my own project!)
    2. I’ve made a few more character designs! Here’s where our three main characters are currently at (and I’m feeling good about the direction) 
    3. I’ve started on a title card illustration and keep doodling little objects here and there in my spare time…
    4. …which also leads into: I started my first enemy design (still need to work on its attack, though) 

Anyway, that’s all for now!