Devlog – 1.1

Welp, I realized my devlog last week failed to, uh, include any actual updates. This is some of the work I’ve done so far over the last couple months as I’ve learned new tools and skills.

I’m still working through this awesome ARPG GMS2 course, so there’s that. (Last I checked, I was at 40%!). Luckily, it’s probably about 70-80% of what I need to rig the demo, though I’m sure the rest will be a right-pain-in-the-butt.

I’ve found GMS2 pretty easy to use – I totally grok finite state machines and scripting object behaviors, and it manages all of the crap I’m not good at, like actually managing resources and the nitty-gritty stuff. I still have a hard time with, say, recursion and more complex behaviors, but there’s a ton of scripts freely-shared by the community and lots and lots and lots of great tutorials.

(throwing the rest behind a Read More tag because there’s a lot!)

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